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Kare Design: Unique, non-conforming furnishing

German furniture house, Kare Design dared to be different with their unique furnishing ideas that are not only bold and contemporary but also stylish and beautiful. Born out of the desire to have stylish and greatly designed furniture at an attractive price point; the Kare Design brand opened its doors over a year ago in Abuja, Nigeria.

At Kare Design asides from the daring nature of the bold furniture, there is a wide collection of lightings and accessories to choose from. The brand has an impressive array of wall lamps; the wall Lamp Parecchi being the most daring and impressive. With the lamp Parecchi series, KARE design successfully combined 12 lamps to create one unique wall lamp; the combined lights are sometimes of different shapes, designs, colors and sizes. The extravagant wall lamp is absolutely a decorative lighting masterpiece that illuminates any living space.

Dare to be different? Dare to be exceptional and non-conforming? Then you need to visit the KARE design boutique in Abuja. Before you schedule out time for a visit, you can always take advantage of KARE Roomdesigner app and unlock your interior design potential. Recreate your living space from the comfort of your living space.


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