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About HNZ

About HNZ

HNZ is an acronym for Hole19 Sport, Nettetal, and Zakaa. Three Luxury Lifestyle Companies that cater to High Networth Individuals via different channels; Sports, Home, Furniture &  Decor and Luxury Retail. We have been in the Luxury Industry for almost 30 Years and have established a luxury retail network which has distributed and officially retailed over 50 Global Brands.

Each of Our Companies were intentionally created by our founders, Mr Deremi Ajidahun and Mrs Biodun Ajidahun, to directly connect Nigeria and the African continent to the world of Luxury Living. By Leveraging our expertise and vast network of local stakeholders we have been able to successfully grow sales, brand identity and a solid distribution channel for all our partner brands on the continent.

HNZ Online Magazine was created with the aim of providing reliable information on all things Luxury Living and now we are the de facto source on all things Opulence, Affluence and Lifestyle. It is our Mission to entertain, inform and educate a growing audience with the taste for finer things in life.

With Editors from all over the world and direct access to a host of  international brands, HNZ is prime to be the Oracle on Luxury Lifestyle through intentionally curated editorial content specifically for the African audience.

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