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February 9, 2021

Reach Your Star with Zenith Defy Midnight

Reach Your Star with Zenith Defy Midnight

In January 2020, LVMH held it’s inaugural group trade show LVMH Watch Week in Dubai. HNZ was present at the 2020 Watch Week where our partner brand Zenith released their first-ever collection tailored exclusively for women, the Defy Midnight Collection. Zenith’s decision to conceive a new watch from the ground up instead of adapting a men’s watch is noteworthy of their commitment to women.

At 36mm, the Defy Midnight is a stainless steel watch that comes in a trio of dial variations: grey, blue, and mother of pearl. All three dial-variations come with a starry sky pattern and diamond hour markers. The Defy Midnight also includes a variety of straps that are easily interchanged without any tools. The Defy Midnight is a versatile watch that is the perfect companion for the modern, confident woman. HNZ invites all women to discover the Zenith Defy Midnight collection, available at Zakaa Luxury.

Following the successful release of the Defy Midnight, Zenith launched the DREAMHERS global campaign to promote its “Time to Reach Your Stars” philosophy. DREAMHERS are a group of visionary and independent women who have pursued their passion and reached their star against all odds. Zenith calls all women all over the world to go out and chase their dreams, no matter what obstacles lie ahead on their path. Zenith believes that shining the light on the accomplishments of relatable women, like Precious Adams, who have paved their own paths will inspire others.

Precious Adams is an American professional ballerina who has dedicated her life to becoming one of the preeminent stars in the world of classical dance, while advocating diversity and inclusiveness in professional ballet.

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